AEW: Fight Forever Guide – How To Unlock Every Hidden Wrestler

aew fight forever

AEW Fight Forever has a massive roster of wrestlers at the outset, but there are five additional wrestlers that can be unlocked currently. It is not readily apparent how this can be accomplished in-game for every single one of them. This AEW Fight Forever guide will walk you through the steps to unlocking each of these hidden wrestlers.

Aubrey Edwards

One of two of the simplest unlocks of the set, Aubrey Edwards is right there in the in-game shop. Navigate to the Main Menu, to the Shop tab, then More Items. The referee/wrestler Aubrey can be had for a mere 20K charge in Credits, which is easy enough to grind with daily and weekly challenges.

Mr. Brodie Lee

In a counter-intuitive process, unlocking the late Brodie Lee involves first losing the Casino Battle Royale as quickly as possible, and then winning every subsequent match. Once you reach the juncture in the “Go Sightseeing” storyline where John Silver invites you to the Dark Order, you can be sure you are on the right path towards unlocking Brodie Lee. Agree to the offer. Continue on and defeat Brodie himself to unlock him in the Shop tab for an additional 30K cost in Credits.

Cody Rhodes

The other no brainer unlock, Cody Rhodes is available in the in-game hop at the outset. He can be unlocked for a measly 10K charge in Credits.

Owen Hart

One of the greats from the 90s, the late Owen Hart requires quite the grind to unlock. One hundred Exhibition Matches of any type must be played, and on top of that there is a 50K Credit cost in the Shop tab. While this may seem daunting, Exhibition Matches are a legitimate farm for Credits as it is, so you will be killing two birds with one stone. The monotony of it all may be what gets you down, so consider doing this over several days to avoid burnout. Any wrestler can be used, and difficulty is irrelevant as well.

Paul Wight aka the “Big Show”

Another somewhat convoluted unlock, just like Mr. Brodie Lee, Paul is unlocked via the Road to Elite mode. In this elaborate storyline, you need to lose every single match until you arrive at the storyline “Who’s Ribbing Me?” Turns out it was Paul, and you will have to defeat him with a tight time limit. Doing so only unlocks the purchase option in the Shop tab, where Paul Wight can be bought for a 30K cost in Credits.

That is every single currently known hidden wrestler in AEW Fight Forever.

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