All Nintendo Gaming Hardware Ranked from Worst to Best

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that without Nintendo, the games industry as we know it simply would not exist. The Big N has been responsible for pioneering and popularizing a multitude of things that we take for granted in video games across both hardware and software. And though they have, like any other company, been through some rough times, looking back on their track record, there’s way more stuff to be impressed by than there is to be lukewarm on.

Given their massive pedigree and their enduring quality, ranking every single major gaming platform that they have ever produced seems like an insane task- but we’re nothing if not a little bit insane, so that’s what we’ll be doing here. Join us (or prepare to skewer us on your pitchforks) as we rank every single Nintendo handheld and home console from worst to best.


While ranking pretty much every other system Nintendo has made was far from easy, there was never any doubt in our minds that the Virtual Boy belongs at the very bottom of this list. There’s some reserved praise to be given here for its outside-the-box ideas and its usage of stereoscopic 3D back when games hardly even did polygonal 3D- but beyond that, the Virtual Boy has few redeeming qualities. Over the course of its life (and it was a very short life), the system got less than two dozen games in total- a shockingly low number, and not one of them was worth writing home about. The asinine design of the hardware only drives home the fact that the Virtual Boy is best left to the recesses of our memories.

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