Arthur Morgan Actor is “Certain We Will See Red Dead Redemption 3 One Day”

red dead redemption 2

Right now, all eyes are on the recently-released Grand Theft Auto 6, and given the fact that the game isn’t even out until 2025, that’s going to continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. Rockstar does, however, have another major, blockbuster IP in its stable in the form of Red Dead Redemption 2, and the actor who played its protagonist is sure that we’ll see a third game in the Wild West franchise at some point in the future as well.

Responding to a question from a fan on Twitter regarding the future of the series, Roger Clark – who played Red Dead Redemption 2 protagonist Arthur Morgan – said that though he has “absolutely no idea” when it’ll be, he’s “certain we will see Red Dead Redemption 3 one day.” That said, he isn’t so sure Arthur Morgan will be returning.

“I’m certain we will see RDR3 one day,” Clark wrote. “When that will be – I have absolutely no idea. Don’t count on Arthur’s involvement either. His story has been told, I feel.”

Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive announced last month that Red Dead Redemption 2 had surpassed 57 million lifetime shipments. The game recently also saw a resurgence in its player count following significant Black Friday promotions, hitting its highest ever peak concurrent user count on Steam.

Leaks have previously claimed that native PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of Red Dead Redemption 2 were at one point in the works at Rockstar, though the developer allegedly ended up shelving those plans in order to focus on the development of GTA 6.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Read our review of the game through here.

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