Atlas Fallen Sales Were “Disappointing”, “Enhanced” Version and New Content Coming Next Year

atlas fallen

Given how packed 2023 was, it’s only natural that some games were going to fall below the radar for many, and as it turns out, Focus Entertainment and Deck13’s action RPG Atlas Fallen turned out to be one of them. It launched for PC and current-gen consoles in August to lukewarm reception, and it seems that’s been reflected in its sales as well.

In its recent published fiscal report, Focus Entertainment has said multiple times that it was disappointed by the sales of Atlas Fallen, which impacted the company’s profitability in the first half of the ongoing fiscal year. The company is also expecting the game to make “very limited” contributions to revenue in the coming months.

That said, Focus Entertainment has confirmed that it will be releasing “an enhanced version and new content” for Atlas Fallen at some point in the first half of the next fiscal year, which means a release window between April and September of 2024.

In our review of Atlas Fallen, we gave it a score of 6/10, saying, “Atlas Fallen has legitimate strengths in its quick, snappy sand surfing, its fascinating setting and worldbuilding, and deep and flexible progression mechanics, but with clunky movement, inconsistent combat, lackluster storytelling, and just an all-around lack of polish, it ends up being weighed down by far too many issues to be able to live up to its proper potential.” Read the full review through here.

Atlas Fallen is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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