Atlus Announces Media Briefing for September 20

persona 3 reload

Atlus has a pretty packed schedule over the coming months, and the next few weeks are going to see the company releasing new details on a number of its upcoming titles. In addition to a Sega and Atlus broadcast planned for September 21 to align with Tokyo Game Show, a day before that, Atlus has confirmed it will be hosting its own event as well.

On September 20, during an event that will begin with a special screening of Persona 3 The Movie: #1 Spring of Birth, Atlus will also hold a media briefing. During the presentation, the company will be talking about upcoming titles that are due out in the current fiscal year (which ends on March 31 next year), which includes Persona 5 Tactica, which launches in November, and Persona 3 Reload, which is scheduled to release in February.

Atlus has said that it won’t be announcing any new games during the media briefing, so don’t go expecting to hear anything about Persona 6 or what have you. Whether or not we’ll be hearing about Metaphor: Refantazio, which is due out sometime in 2024, remains to be seen.

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