Capcom is “Carrying Out Discussions” Regarding Remakes of Non-Numbered Resident Evil Games

resident evil

Capcom has delivered a string of Resident Evil remakes, and reception for them has been universally positive, to say the very least (barring the somewhat divisive Resident Evil 3 remake). But with the company only having remade four numbered titles so far, is there a chance that we also get remakes for some non-numbered Resident Evil instalments at some point in the future, especially those that are considered part of the mainline canon?

As often tends to be the case with Capcom (especially where Resident Evil is concerned), that’s not outside the realm of possibility. In a recent Q&A session with shareholders, when asked that very question, though Capcom eluded a concrete response, the company did say it was “carrying out discussions” regarding future games.

“We are carrying out discussions regarding the future expansion of this series so it can be enjoyed by a wide audience,” Capcom said, when asked if it was only planning to develop remakes of mainline numbered Resident Evil games.

Of course, demand for a Resident Evil: Code – Veronica remake has been heavy for quite some time, especially given the fact that, in all but name, the game is ostensibly Resident Evil 3 (with the actual Resident Evil 3 being more of a side story in the grand scheme of things). That said, Capcom has said a few times in recent years – including as recently as last year – that it currently has no plans for a Code – Veronica remake.

There’s also Resident Evil Zero, which isn’t exactly the most popular game in the franchise, but is certainly a mainline title. Of course, with Resident Evil 4’s remake having launched earlier this year, Resident Evil 5 may very well be next on the docket– though perhaps another remake of the original Resident Evil wouldn’t go down too badly for the series’ fanbase.

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