Capcom is Working on Upgrading RE Engine to REX Engine

dragon's dogma 2

Capcom seems to be working on a major upgrade to its RE Engine, which was used in a number of more recent Capcom titles, including Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Monster Hunter Rise, and most recently, Resident Evil 4. As caught by Okami Games, the upgraded engine was spoken about in a new video published on Capcom’s R&D YouTube channel.

The newer version of the engine, dubbed REX Engine, is currently still under development. While it will still make use of many of the features that have made Capcom’s titles look great visually while still maintaining a decent level of hardware compatibility, REX Engine hopes to also make use of newer technologies.

According to the video, new technologies and features will be added to RE Engine in phases, with each phase handling a different aspect of game development. Some of the technologies are named RERuntime, REDox, and REAssetStream.

It is currently unknown whether Capcom’s next major video game release, Dragon’s Dogma 2, will make use of any of the new technologies and features that the company is working on bringing to RE Engine.

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