Child of Light Sequel Could be Announced in Early 2022

Child of Light

Of the many interesting one-off titles that Ubisoft has released over the years, Child of Light is perhaps one of the most underrated. The platformer/turn-based RPG garnered acclaim for its visuals (courtesy of the UbiArt Framework engine) but hasn’t been on the cards for any kind of follow-up. This is despite being profitable enough to fund a sequel.

However, things could be changing next year, according to director Patrick Plourde on Twitter. He revealed that artist Thomas Rollus had sent “the final approval for Aurora and Igniculus’ next great adventure. Expect more news early next year.” This seems to indicate a sequel announcement of sorts.

It’s interesting considering Plourde’s previous stance on the matter. In 2019, he revealed that despite having an idea for where the sequel’s story should go, it wasn’t “the type of game that Ubisoft wants to make.” The publisher was noted as being all about games as a service and focusing on more mature titles. Perhaps something has changed in the interim but we’ll have to wait for more details next year.

Child of Light is available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia among other platforms. Check out our official review for it here.

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