Dark and Darker is Now Available to Purchase Directly from Official Website

dark and darker

After quite a bit of drama surrounding the development and release of Dark and Darker, developer Ironmace has announced that the game can now be bought through indie digital distribution platform Chaf Games, as well as the game’s official website.

Dark and Darker is priced at $35 on the official website, and includes the full game as well as access to the title’s early access period. There is also a Founder’s Edition available to purchase at $50, which includes a host of bonuses, including access to a test build, and exclusive access to the Skeleton race.

The extraction multiplayer RPG has seen quite a bit of drama surrounding its development and initial demo launch, which ultimately led to the publisher at the time, Nexon, taking the game down from Steam. Back in April, the studio encouraged players to take part in the game’s playtest by using torrents to get their hands on the title.

Dark and Darker was a sleeper hit when its playtest was first released. The game has players enter a dungeon with a party to battle against AI-controlled enemies while also surviving onslaughts by other players. The aim of players is to find better equipment and abilities, leveling up their characters in the process.

In the vein of other extraction games like Hunt: Showdown and Escape from Tarkov, Dark and Darker also features perma-death, making encounters with tough enemies and other players a high-tension affair.

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