Dave the Diver Gets Night-Diving Content, Farm Automation Options in Latest Update

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Developer Mintrocket has released a major update for fishing and restaurant management game Dave the Diver, adding a host of new content to the title. The update is quite comprehensive, bringing with it additional sub missions, as well as new types of creatures to catch.

One of the bigger parts of the update is the addition of the Crab Traps system, which allows players to catch lobsters and crabs. Feeding into the new system is the new Lobster Party event, which will allow players to make use of the new species in major cookouts during the game’s parties.

The farm system in Dave the Diver is also getting a boost, giving players the ability to hire MC Sammy to help with chores around the farm. There are also now new devices for storing eggs, as well as feeding chickens that have been added to the game as part of the update.

The update, announced earlier this month, also brings with it more content for night-time diving, with new night-exclusive creatures. Check out the complete patch notes below.

[New Contents]

New Story – Sub Missions

  • New sub missions have been added to late-game regions (Glacial Area/Passage), which were previously focused on the main story.

Lobsters & Crab Traps

  • New crabs and lobsters have been introduced along with the system called ‘Crab Traps’, which are used for catching them.
  • You can set up crab traps and wait to capture crabs, lobsters, and etc.
  • A new “Lobster Party” event, featuring new species, have been added.

Auto Farming

  • Hire MC Sammy to help with chores in the farm.
  • New devices for storing eggs and feeding chickens have been added.

New Event Boss

  • A new boss will appear when ALL Marinca cards have been collected.
  • New Special Customer – Wandering Merchant
  • New special customer ‘Wandering Merchant’ will visit Bancho Sushi.
  • Serve him a special dish and he’ll occasionally return to sell various items, including new ingredients.

New Night Species

  • To address the issue of many daytime fish species being prevalent during night dives, we are introducing new exclusive fish species that can only be found at night.

Additional Contents

  • Seed upgrade is now available at Kazhin’s seed shop.
  • An ‘Operator’ has been added to your contacts: Contact the operator to enter promotion codes, check your fortune, and review your dive information.
  • A new ‘Nocturnal’ category has been added to the Marinca. Species that only appear at night will be moved to this category.

Trading Cards & Steam Point Shop Items

  • Various Steam Point Shop items including Trading Cards, Emoticons, and Backgrounds will be added.

[Improvements & Balance Changes]

Loading Time and Performance Improvements

  • We’ve conducted an overall optimization of the game, resulting in shorter loading times and overall performance enhancements.
  • Face icons of NPCs are now displayed on the loading screen.

Underwater Exploration

  • Aggro range, speed, and damage of thresher sharks have been reduced.
  • The magazine that Dave reads during the depressurizing screen in the escape pod has changed to ‘Weekly Fish’.


  • [Chapter 2] You can now resume your progress from a mid-mission save point even if you die when escorting Ramo.
  • [Chapter 2] Improved the issue where it was difficult to notice that a phone call had to be made after defeating the Giant Squid.

Sushi Restaurant

  • Made improvements to prevent the same party from being selected repeatedly.
  • [After Chapter 3] Addressed the issue where the chopping animation was a bit off during the VIP cooking battle.
  • When each employee reaches their maximum level, you can view their Cooksta feed which showcases their daily lives on your phone.
  • You can now engage in new conversations with the employees assigned as managers during daytime.
  • New Bancho cutscene for enhancing dishes have been added.

Farm & Fish Farm

  • Added an option to prioritize 2-star or 3-star fish when utilizing the ‘Keep up to 2’ function.
  • You can now farm fish species that were previously unavailable in the fish farm.

Sea People Village

  • You can now purchase seeds directly from Gumo at the seaweed farm.
  • New dumpling has been added at Mima’s Restaurant.
  • New missions for late-game have been added to the board in Sea People Village.

Other Improvements

  • You can now engage in more diverse conversations with the people on your contacts.

[Bug Fixes]


  • [After Chapter 3] Fixed an issue where the ‘Wedding Song Record’ mission could not be completed under certain circumstances.
  • [Chapter 6] Fixed an issue where the menatee would pass through walls in the ‘Lost Baby Menatee’ mission.

Sushi Restaurant

  • [After Chapter 3] Fixed an issue in the ‘Whose fried food is the best?’ mission where ingredients would occasionally fall outside the pot.
  • [After Chapter 3] Fixed an issue where not all customers would enter the restaurant during the Jellyfish Party.
  • Fixed an issue where Luis’s contact was not registered in specific situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the BGM did not speed up when the restaurant was about to close.

Underwater Exploration

  • Fixed an issue where the movements of the Pink Dolphin would appear choppy when taking photos in its photo spot.
  • Fixed an issue where the background UI of item acquisition screen was displayed abnormally in specific regions.
  • Fixed an issue where the ammo box disappeared in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where Dave’s breathing effect was not displayed in some cutscenes.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the typos and errors of in-game texts that were reported in our community channels.
  • Fixed an issue where texts would go over their UI boundaries in the pause window during mid-dive.
  • Fixed an issue where the fish farm tutorial was not displayed as intended when playing the game in certain resolutions.

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