Dead by Daylight to Kick Off Haunted by Daylight Event on October 18

dead by daylight

Developer Behaviour Interactive has announced that the Haunted by Daylight event will be returning to Dead by Daylight on October 18. The event will have players take on new gameplay challenges to win spooky Halloween-themed outfits.

As part of the Haunted by Daylight event, Dead by Daylight will have Void Zones—mysterious realms where former Survivors and Killers are discarded by The Entity. Players can open portals to the Void Zones by depositing Void Energy into Unstable Rifts. Doing so will allow players to release the discarded Survivors and Killers, called Haunts, into the map.

The update will also bring with it a new Tome, dubbed Commitment, which will have new memories for Oni and Feng Min. The Tome will also feature appearances from The Dredge, Adam Francis, and Dwight Fairfield. Players will get to explore the past of Feng Min and The Oni through the new Tome.

The Haunted by Daylight event for Dead by Daylight will be live until November 6.

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