Deliver Us Mars – Update 2.01 Fixes Nvidia DLSS Frame Generation and Reflex Display Issues

Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars is free for PC via the Epic Games Store until November 30th as part of its weekly offer. However, if you want to pick it up on other platforms while it’s discounted, now might be a good time. Following Update 2.0, developer Frontier Foundry has released a new update which fixes several features.

For instance, Nvidia DLSS Frame Generation is off during ASE control transitions, which should reduce combat artefacts. When Frame Generation is enabled, Nvidia Reflex is automatically enabled, and its UI and functionality have been correctly set on startup. There’s also a slight adjustment when switching between FSR and DLSS to help avoid crashes.

Other fixes are live for display issues related to Frame Generation and Reflex and a collision issue in Chapter 8. Check out the full notes below. Deliver Us Mars is available for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC. You can read our review here for more details.

Deliver Us Mars | Update 2.0.1

Primary fixes to existing features

  • Turned off DLSS FG during ASE control transitions to combat artefacts;
  • Edited Reflex UI text labels;
  • Correctly set Reflex UI and functionality on startup;
  • Automatically turn on Nvidia Reflex when toggling DLSS FG on;
  • Slightly adjust the FSR to DLSS switch delay to prevent crashes.

Notable BUG fixes

  • Fixed a collision issue in Chapter 8;
  • Fixed a number of display issues related to Frame Generation and Reflex.

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