Destiny 2 Developer Addresses The Final Shape Concerns: “We Know We Have Lost a Lot of Your Trust”

Destiny 2 - The Final Shape

After layoffs, rumors of Destiny 2’s yearly revenue targets falling by 45 percent and pre-orders for The Final Shape tracking below expectations, Bungie has issued a statement. Called “Our Path Forward,” it said, “This has been one of the most difficult weeks in our studio’s history, as we’ve parted ways with people we respect and admire.

“We’ve spent this week supporting one another, including those who are at the studio, as well as friends and colleagues who no longer are.” It also addressed feedback and concerns regarding Lightfall and the seasons, along with “your responses to the reveal of The Final Shape.”

“We know we have lost a lot of your trust. Destiny needs to surprise and delight. We haven’t done this enough, and that’s going to change. To us, the path forward is clear: We need to make The Final Shape an unforgettable Destiny experience.

“We want to build something that will be regarded alongside the best games we’ve ever made – a fitting culmination that honors the journey we’ve been on together for the past ten years. Forsaken, The Witch Queen, and The Taken King – these are the standard bearers we aim to live up to.”

It confirmed that over 650 employees were dedicated to Destiny 2 and focused “on exceeding your expectations for The Final Shape” while also delivering on future Episodes. There will be more details about the next season, which starts later this month. “Afterwards, we’ll begin to unpack our team’s bigger, bolder, and brighter vision for The Final Shape, as well as the bridge we plan to build to take us all out of this Darkness and into the Light.”

Interestingly, Bungie didn’t mention a delay to The Final Shape or even that employees were “begging” for leadership to make changes following Lightfall. Also, as many have pointed out, this is the latest in a line of statements from Bungie over the years to “do better.” Time will tell if it lives up to the same.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape is still officially slated for February 27th, 2024, though Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier reports an internal delay to June. Furthermore, the PvEvP extraction shooter Marathon has been delayed to 2025. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

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