Destiny 2 Receives Controversial $15 Starter Pack

Destiny 2 Starter Pack

Season of the Wish has arrived in Destiny 2, which means a new bundle is available. No, not the season’s Silver Bundle, but a brand new one – the Starter Pack. It’s aimed at Guardians starting for the first time and costs $15.

It includes an Exotic Ship, Sparrow and Ghost Shell and three Exotic weapons – Traveler’s Chosen, Ruinous Effigy and Sleeper Simulant. You also get 125,000 Glimmer, 50 Enhancement Cores, five Enhancement Prisms and one Ascendant Shard. It’s met with backlash from players who view it as a way to gouge newcomers who don’t know any better.

It’s even more annoying when fans have asked the developer to make it easier for new players to jump into the shooter and access all its content. Toss in rumors of revenues falling short of expectations, a delay to The Final Shape and backlash over lay-offs, and this Starter Pack is another knock against Bungie. Time will tell if it changes course and just gives the items to new players for free.

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