Destiny 2 – The Witcher-Themed Armor Sets Coming in Season of the Wish

Destiny 2 x The Witcher 3

Bungie’s next and final season for Destiny 2, Season of the Wish, goes live on November 28th. It’s focused on the Dreaming City and Riven, but that’s not all, as it marks the arrival of the shooter’s next collaboration – CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher.

Each class will receive armor sets based on different Witcher schools. The Titan gets Viper School armor, similar to what Geralt wears at the beginning of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Warlocks get Bear School armor, while the Hunter receives Wolf School armor. None of the armor sets will confer passive bonuses to Guardians, but they look sleek. There will also be a ship, Sparrow, Ghost shell, finisher and emote available.

Sadly, like the PlayStation-themed armor and finishers released earlier this year, you’ll likely have to spend Silver to purchase these cosmetics. They could become purchasable with Bright Dust, but that may be far down the line. Stay tuned for more updates on Season of the Wish in the coming weeks and check out the latest teaser here.

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