Destiny 2 – Update 7.3.0 Will Nerf Woven Mail, Restoration, Sprint and Slide Melees, and More

Destiny 2

With Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish going live next week, Bungie has detailed some balance changes coming with Update 7.3.0. Woven Mail is getting a 10 percent nerf to its damage resistance in PvE, from 55 to 45 percent. Restoration’s healing is dropping from 40 to 35 HP per second in PvE and 20 to 17.5 HP per second in PvP. Restoration x2 is also getting hit and will grant 50 HP per second in PvE (down from 65) and 25 HP per second in PvP (reduced from 32.5).

Devour is also getting nerfed, and while it won’t grant a full heal without Feed the Void, it recharges 100 HP on activation. However, health and shields will recharge more smoothly, and Feed the Void will grant more grenade energy regen on kill with Devour.

Sprinting melees have been unable to one-shot in PvP since Update 3.4.0 nearly two years ago, but players have gotten around this by sliding, shooting a shotgun, and activating the sprinting melee. That’s going away, so firing a weapon after sliding can’t be followed by abilities like Seismic Strike, Shield Bash, Howl of the Storm, etc.

If that weren’t enough, Banner of War will require more defeated enemies to level up, though each kill further increases the duration. The Titan’s Throwing Hammer will also return melee energy over 1.4 seconds instead of instantly, meaning less uptime on the ability and less survivability. Sol Invictus sees its Sunsport duration reduced from 20 to 12 seconds.

Finally, Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn now have a base cooldown of 455 seconds, up from 417 seconds. Interestingly, Bungie is also planning “a suite of future changes” to reduce the former’s effectiveness in PvE and “push the gameplay space of these two Supers further apart.” These won’t be coming in Season of the Wish, so stay tuned for updates in the future.

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