Destiny 2 x Dungeons and Dragons Collaboration Announced, Begins June 4th

Destiny 2 x Dungeons and Dragons

Spotted in the recent leaks of The Final Shape, Destiny 2 is collaborating with Dungeons and Dragons. Available on June 4th alongside the expansion, it adds several new cosmetics themed around the fantasy RPG/tabletop series. Check out the trailer below to see them in action.

The collaboration adds three new armor sets – Apex Draconic (Titan), Flayer’s Dominion (Warlock) and Spectral Displacer (Hunter). Bungie will also see the Adventurer’s Pack Bundle, which provides an Owlbear Chariot sparrow, Eye Tyrant Ghost Shell, Queen of Dragons ship and Bigby’s Fist Finisher. Of course, you also get an emote to roll twenty-side dice, with a random result each time (thankfully, not influencing your attack rolls in-game).

Those interested in physical goods can also pick up an Eye Tyrant Beholder Ghost Shell vinyl figure from the Bungie Store. Destiny 2 is the latest collaboration for Dungeons and Dragons following the success of Baldur’s Gate 3 – another is coming up on June 3rd with Dead by Daylight. Head here for more details.

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