Destiny 2 Xur Inventory – Celestial Nighthawk, Synthoceps, Coldheart and More

Destiny 2 Xur

Xur is available in Bungie’s Destiny 2, but unfortunately isn’t selling Gjallarhorn or any other crazy Exotic. He’s in the European Dead Zone on Earth and carries Coldheart, an Exotic Arc trace rifle for 29 Legendary Shards.

Though the Special Ammo economy for trace rifles is rough, Coldheart is still quite good. It deals more damage the longer the beam remains on an enemy. When it’s in this state, Ionic Traces are generated, which grants ability energy. It works well for Arc Warlocks with Exotics like Crown of Tempests.

Hawkmoon has a new random roll, which includes Extended Barrel, Snapshot Sights and Combat Grip. As for other Exotics, there’s Celestial Nighthawk (Hunter helm), Synthoceps (Titan gloves) and Felwinter’s Helm (Warlock helm). Both Nighthawk and Synthoceps are well worth picking up.

The Kairos Function set from Curse of Osiris is available, with each piece costing 50 Legendary Shards and 1000 Glimmer. Check out the latest Legendary weapons below:

  • Explosive Personality – Energy Grenade Launcher
  • Wolftone Draw – Energy Combat Bow
  • Threaded Needle – Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle
  • The Number – Energy Auto Rifle
  • Vulpecula – Kinetic Hand Cannon
  • Whispering Slab – Kinetic Combat Bow
  • Temptation’s Hook – Heavy Sword

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