Destiny 2 Xur Inventory – Tractor Cannon, Phoenix Protocol, Gemini Jester and More

Destiny 2 Xur

Whether you wanted it or not, Xur has returned in Bungie’s Destiny 2. The Exotic/Legendary vendor is in the European Dead Zone on Earth until the next weekly reset. This week’s Exotic weapon is Tractor Cannon, a Void heavy shotgun which costs 29 Legendary Shards.

After the nerf to Divinity, it’s arguably the best debuff dealer in the game, suppressing enemies and causing them to take 30 percent more damage for a period. It can also push enemies away, and damage dealt triggers The Scientific Method, increasing speed and handling. If you’re struggling in PvE, it may be worth picking up.

Hawkmoon’s new random roll for the week includes Corkscrew Rifling, Killing Wind and Textured Grip. This week’s Exotic gear includes Gemini Jester (Hunter boots), Peregrine Greaves (Titan boots) and Phoenix Protocol (Warlock chest), each for 23 Legendary Shards.

The Legendary armor for this week is the Ketchkiller Set from Season of Plunder, with each piece costing 50 Legendary Shards and 1000 Glimmer. Check out the latest Legendary weapons below:

  • Eternity’s Edge – Heavy Sword
  • Blood Feud – Kinetic Submachine Gun
  • Blast Battue – Heavy Grenade Launcher
  • Crown-Splitter – Heavy Sword
  • Wolftone Draw – Energy Combat Bow
  • IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3 – Energy Submachine Gun
  • Timelines’ Vertex – Energy Fusion Rifle
  • Quickfang – Heavy Sword
  • Judgment of Kelgorath – Energy Glaive

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