Diablo 4 Players Are Apparently Being Banned for Using Seasonal Exploit

Diablo 4_02

Diablo 4 was met with critical and commercial success upon its launch last month, though things took a turn for the worse when Blizzard Entertainment went live with its first post-launch season, Season of the Malignant. From nerfs being applied liberally to nearly all classes to controversial new UI additions and more, the action RPG looter was met with a widespread wave of criticism and controversy.

Another part of that story was an exploit that allowed players to disconnect from the internet while playing the game and transfer over all of their items from their main eternal character to their new seasonal character, thus skipping over a lot of required progression. It now seems those who took that option are being banned by Blizzard.

That’s as per a recent post on the Diablo 4 subreddit, where a number of comments are also confirming the same. Of course, Blizzard has said that the exploit was addressed in a recent hotfix and that no new instances of it being used have popped up since then, though one can’t help but wonder how many players will have received (admittedly justified) bans after using the exploit.

Meanwhile, Diablo 4’s patch 1.1.1 will be going live on August 8 and bring a host of changes to address recent criticisms for the action RPG, including buffs for numerous classes, increases to boss’ health pools, and more.

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