Diablo 4 Players Won’t Have to Hit Level 100 to Max Out Battle Pass

Diablo 4 - Season of the Malignant Battle Pass

Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant is nearly upon us, and by creating seasonal characters, players can finally level up and claim those Battle Pass rewards. There’s been some consternation over how long it will take to complete, with Blizzard previously claiming that it’s roughly 80 hours.

Whether that number still holds up, game director Joe Shely told Forbes that you don’t need to hit level 100 to max out the Battle Pass. “We want to ensure that players playing at varying intensities can still complete the battle pass. That even if you’re playing just a few hours a week, if you’re doing challenges, you should be able to finish the full battle pass by the end of the 12-week season.”

The Battle Pass also provides Platinum, the premium currency used to purchase cosmetics and additional Battle Pass tiers. Unfortunately, there won’t be enough to buy the next Battle Pass or an armor set from the shop. It’s meant more for saving over the long term, though a pessimistic view is that it’s to entice players to purchase more Platinum to make up the difference.

Whatever the case may be, Season of the Malignant goes live on July 20th for all platforms. Head here for more details and check out the first gameplay trailer, which teases the new boss.

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