Diablo 4: Season of Blood Trailer Showcases New Event, Fresh End-Game Bosses and More

Diablo 4 - Season of Blood_02

The newest season for Diablo 4 and its biggest yet (never mind that there’s only been one other season till now) is available now. Season of Blood sees players taking on a vampire army using vampiric powers. Check out the latest gameplay trailer below, thankfully lacking in errors.

A new seasonal quest sees players working with the vampire hunter Erys and stopping the Vampire Lord. After defeating Elite Vampires, players can form three Pacts to gain blood magic powers. The new Blood Harvest event is also available, manifesting in two global events and seven events in Dungeons.

Five new end-game bosses have been added, which grant Unique and Uber Unique items, quality of live improvements like gem storage, Renown rewards from Eternal and Seasonal characters carrying over, and more. Elemental Resistances also finally work and reworks for damage modifiers like Vulnerable and Critical Strike are also available. Stay tuned for more details on Season of Blood as it unfolds.

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