Diablo 4: Season of the Malignant is Now Live

Diablo 4 - Season of the Malignant

Blizzard Entertainment’s first season for Diablo 4, Season of the Malignant, is now available on all platforms. It arrives at an odd time, with the pre-season patch being widely panned (leading to user review score bombing on Metacritic). Nevertheless, there’s new content, particularly the new Malignant Hearts.

To outline what to expect, the development team has released a new developer diary. Players battle Partially Corrupted monsters, caging their Malignant Hearts in a ritual and then fighting their Fully Corrupted forms. Those Hearts can then be equipped with Rings and an Amulet for different effects, with 32 total.

Whether these will make up for the lack of power from recent nerfs remains to be seen. However, along with battling Malignant enemies in the world, they’re found in a new dungeon, the Malignant Tunnels, and a new boss, Varshan the Consumed. A new Campfire Chat will air on July 21st, with the developer discussing the changes, so stay tuned for more details.

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