DNF Duel – Brawler is Now Available

DNF Duel - Brawler_02

Nexon’s DNF Duel has received its second DLC character: Brawler, a sub-class of the Fighter who favors dirty tactics and winning by any means necessary. With chains, Poison Mines, needles, exploding barrels and nets, he can quickly shift the momentum of a fight. Check out the developer’s thoughts on Brawler here and extensive matches of him here.

Like other fighters, Brawler can use two Awakening Skills – Gold Cube at 30 percent or less HP and Clear Cube at 50 percent or less HP. He’s the second DLC character after Spectre, with three more fighters set to join the roster as part of its Season Pass. The third is due to be released in Winter with a new stage.

DNF Duel is available for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s currently discounted by 60 percent on all platforms until September 27th. Check out our review for the base game, and stay tuned for more details on further additions to the roster.

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