DNF Duel is Free on the Epic Games Store

DNF Duel

After Destiny 2: Legacy Collection, Epic Games’ daily free games promotion to celebrate Christmas has begun. The newest free title is Nexon’s DNF Duel, a fighting game based on Dungeon Fighter Online developed by Eighting, Arc System Works and Neople. It recently became available on the storefront earlier this week along with Battle Mage.

To claim DNF Duel, you need an Epic Games account, while playing it requires the Epic Games Launcher. It’s only the base game and doesn’t include the Season Pass content. The roster features 16 characters with Free Battle, Arcade Mode, Survival Mode and Story Mode available offline. You also have Training, Tutorial, Gallery, Glossary and more.

Online modes include regular and Ranked matches, though the player base on PC is far from ideal. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of content in Story Mode for each character. Check out our review for more details.

DNF Duel is also available for PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Battle Mage is its third DLC character, with two more arriving in 2024. The next free game on the Epic Games Store arrives on December 21st at 8 AM PST, so stay tuned.

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