Dragon’s Dogma 2 Guide: All Boss Fights And Best Strategies To Beat Them

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There are numerous beasts and monsters in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and towering over them are the massive bosses that dominate the battlefield. Contending with these humongous threats can be challenging even with a full party of Pawns. This Dragon’s Dogma 2 guide is all about bosses and their known weaknesses.

Note: There are multiple versions of the various boss types below. This guide deals with the base version of the bosses.


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This multiheaded monstrosity has several moves at its disposal including an acid spew, and a spell that induces sleep. Expectedly, the heads are the weak spots and should be targeted in goat-snake-lion order for maximum effectiveness. Mount them with a Thief and eliminate the goat head as quickly as possible, disrupting the Chimera’s magic attacks. The serpent head is next to end its poison attacks, with the lion head last due to its exceptional health.


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A relatively easy take down, the Cyclops only poses any sort of threat when up close and personal. The Archer will have the easiest time contending with the Cyclops by simply targeting the most obvious weak point–the singular eye. Elementally, the Cyclops can be brought low by stunning them with lightning attacks. They can also be disarmed by striking them in their weapon hand.


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Not quite Dragons, but nothing to scoff at, the Drakes are unique in their weaknesses. Even so, each Drake’s weak spot will be visually identifiable, and is usually in the chest area. Do not allow it to escape by flying away, or you will have to face it again. Being a fire creature, their elemental weaknesses are ice attacks.


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This unique purple-flame adorned knight will be encountered in the course of a quest. Wielding a scythe in combat, the Dullahan will teleport away if hurt enough. Press the advantage and target the Dullahan from as far as possible, while letting the melee allies keep it distracted.


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These lumbering giants are as ponderously slow as they look, however their attacks can be devastating when they successfully connect. And that is a very real possibility when attempting to strike at their weak spots–the glowing blue markings scattered over their head and body. Doing so will eventually stun the creature, at which you should make use of all the physical, blunt damage you can muster. Very little damage will get through anywhere else on their elemental form. 


The Gorgon will be firing explosive impact arrows, as well as slowing and turning her enemies to stone with her gaze. This boss needs to be mounted and struck close range behind her head. The Thief Vocation is possibly the best choice for this task, given their high agility and ability to avoid detection and attention. This is also the preferred method to eventually harvest her head for a usable item. The Gorgon is weak to lightning strikes.


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Flying creatures are bad enough, by a flying boss is pure torture. Griffins will be encountered quite often across the lands of Dragon’s Dogma 2. Target the wings primarily, in order to prevent it from escaping, as you will likely have to face the same one again down the road at some point. The head is also a weakness, particularly to fire attacks.


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This bull-like boss is going to be charging around and goring you and your allies, but you will still need to target its head. Ideally make use of strikes to its legs, and ice attacks to slow it down somewhat, and mount it for direct strikes at the horns. It is also possible to bait the Minotaur into charging into the terrain or objects, by side-stepping at the last second, and causing it to stun itself.


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These big guys have a tendency to grab and crush adversaries, so try to stay out of arm’s reach. Target the head from afar. Note that the Ogre may focus hard on Pawns, which could prove to be both advantageous and disadvantageous with the right tactics.


There’s only one Sphinx to confront in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and you should avoid fighting her, at least at first. Play her little games, and collect your rewards, before challenging her in combat.


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This stone colossus is perhaps the most imposing boss of all in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This being should be considered a Golem, but only several orders of magnitude larger. Nothing short of mounting the Talos to reach its crystalline weaknesses will suffice, with the rest of its towering form being practically invulnerable to harm.


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These are going to try to stampede you with sheer numbers of summoned minions, all while casting spells from afar. Target them right back from afar, ideally keeping them from going airborne. Strike at the head as much as possible to end it quickly.


The final boss is a tough prolonged battle, but all the same tactics and techniques apply from previous fights with Drakes. The entire front of the Dragon is a zone to be avoided, with fire breath, ground pound, and claw swipes all potential attacks to be defended against. And if that was not enough, spells are also a part of the Dragon’s playbook, telegraphed by it raising a claw to summon energy. This is easily dodged however, by completely avoiding the rings where the spell will strike.

The attack plan remains the same as always: attack the head and the horns by mounting the Dragon. If and when it whips you off, simply heal up and do it again. This is especially important, because the Dragon will take to the skies at some point, and you want to be along for the ride.

Eventually the Dragon will collapse and expose the actual weak spot, on its underside. Deal as much damage as possible in order to finish the fight, and thus end the game.

Those are all the major bosses in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and how to effectively contend with them.

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