Dredge – Free Update Adds Ship Customization and New Crab Aberrations


Black Salt Games’ Dredge has received its third free update, adding the ability to customize one’s ship. A new Painter character is available in the starting area and allows players to paint their vessel, adjust the bunting and select a new flag. You can also explore the seas for new items. Check out the trailer below to see some of the available customization options.

Of course, there’s more for fearless fishers to hunt, including 13 new Crab Aberrations or Craberrations (who unlock new ship cosmetics) and new shipwrecks. You can also filter out Crabs in the Encyclopedia. The patch also brings new adjustments, like slight buffs to the values of some fishing rods and an aberration catch bonus on all crab pots.

Check out the full patch notes below for more details. Dredge is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out our official review for more information. Paid DLC is slated to release in Q4 2023, so stay tuned.

DREDGE Update: v1.3.0

Patch Notes:


  • Added Boat Customization
    – After you’ve acquired your dredge crane as part of the main story, a new character will set up shop at Little Marrow – The Painter! He’ll be able to make adjustments to your boat’s appearance.
    – The Painter starts with some basic options available, but you’ll be able to discover additional paint ingredients and flag designs.
  • Added crab aberrations (craberrations).
  • Added a new filter to the Encyclopedia to display Crabs.
  • Added a number of new shipwrecks around the world.


  • Equipment tooltips now display the previously hidden “Aberration Catch Bonus” statistic.
    – Slightly buffed some of these values on some rods.
  • Rebalanced crab pots slightly.
    – All crab pots provide some aberration catch bonus, with higher tier / special pots offering a larger bonus.
    – Mouth of The Deep catch rate and duration reduced to make progressing the crab pot tech tree more meaningful.


  • Fixed an issue where in very rare cases, the game would take longer than expected to save. Losing power during this time would cause save files (and in some cases, backup save files) to become corrupt.
  • Added a new font which should handle Japanese characters better and prevent them from falling back to use Chinese characters in some scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the boat upgrade purchase button too quickly could cause the screen to get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where some areas of the sea floor reported that they were 100m+ deep when they clearly were not.
  • Fixed an issue where some achievements would not trigger immediately if the last thing they required was for you to catch a crab.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the map screen if it was switched to another screen while a marker was being placed.
  • Fixed some small animation issues.

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