En Garde! is Coming to PC on August 16

en garde

Developer and publisher Fireplace Games has announced the release date for its upcoming pirate-themed hack-and-slash action game En Garde! with a new trailer. According to the trailer, which you can check out below, En Garde! will be coming to PC on August 16.

Originally unveiled during the Future Games Show Summer Showcase back in June, En Garde! is a swashbuckling action game where the main emphasis is on making fights feel as smooth and dynamic as possible. Players will find themselves constantly dodging, ducking, and parrying their way through enemies.

Players, taking on the role of Adalia De Volador, set out on an adventure to fight against tyranny. The studio has described Volador as a playful hero, and the gameplay emphasises this by allowing players to take advantage of their environments during fights by, for example, blinding an enemy by throwing a bucket on their head.

En Garde! features two distinct game modes: a story mode taking the player through the game’s main story, and an arena mode where players can test themselves against hordes of enemies.

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