Fallout 76 Hits 20 Million Players

fallout 76 wastelanders

Back in 2018, in the immediate aftermath of Fallout 76’s disastrous launch, most would have predicted that the lambasted multiplayer shooter would soon be shelved and sent to an early grave the way we’d seen with so many failed live service games over the years, but Bethesda, to its credit, has done an impressive job of turning things around for the game. Sure enough, that has reflected in a dedicated and engaged player base that continues to grow at a steady pace.

In fact, amidst the recent Fallout mania brought about by the raving success of the Amazon Prime adaption, Fallout 76’s player base has seen a marked jump. As reported by Variety, the game has hit 20 million players worldwide across all platforms as of May 29. That’s up from 17 million players in December.

Shortly after the Fallout show’s premiere on Amazon Prime, multiple games in the series released by Bethesda over the years saw significantly boosted sales and player engagement, which Fallout 76 benefited from as well, to say the very least.

Fallout 76’s next big content update, Skyline Valley, is due out sometime this month and will bring a significant map expansion for the game, among other things. Read more on that through here.

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