Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn Launches Summer 2024, New Gameplay Revealed

Flintlock The Siege of Dawn

Along with a release date for Pacific Drive, Kepler Interactive announced a new release window for Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn. It’s launching in Summer 2024 for Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and PC, and also on day one for Game Pass. The latest gameplay showcases some combat and traversal – check it out below.

Developed by A44 Games of Ashen fame, Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is about the Door to the Afterlife opening, unleashing the undead. With humanity dwindling, it’s up to the coalition army, specifically protagonist Nor Vanek and her companion Enki, to take on the old God.

Players wield an axe, flintlock pistol and magic to annihilate foes with different combos. There’s also an open world, from ruins to deserts, with secrets and other things to discover (with Enki capable of bounding across certain places). Stay tuned for more details in the coming months, including a firm release date, and check out more gameplay here.

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