Homeworld 3’s Roguelike-Inspired War Games Mode Detailed

homeworld 3

Developer Blackbird Interactive has revealed details on a new game mode coming to Homeworld 3. Titled War Games, the mode is described by the studio as combining aspects of real-time strategy games with roguelikes. Players can take on War Games either solo or in co-op, and get thrown into a series of randomised battles.

Along the way, players will be able to outfit their fleets and armadas with powerful upgrades as they take on stronger and stronger enemies. Upgrades become available to players in the form of Artifacts. The studio describes these power-ups as game breakingly-powerful.

The power level of Artifacts come in a wide range, from small upgrades like giving a strikecraft some bonus speed, to something more run-defining, like changing Assault Frigates into close-quarters fighters. Artifacts are divided into two categories—Patterns and Upgrades. Patterns define a ship’s capabilities, while Upgrades specialise the selected Pattern.

Homeworld 3‘s War Games mode will have over 30 Patterns available at launch, with three Upgrades available for each Pattern.

While some Artifacts will be available right from the get go, more can be unlocked by leveling up the player’s profile, which can be done by taking part in different game modes. Homeworld 3 also features Challenges that can be completed to unlock more powerful Artifacts that will then become available in War Games.

The game will also feature an in-depth Skirmish mode, which will allow players to take on Homeworld 3 multiplayer matches in a variety of setups, from the standard 1-on-1 battle, to more chaotic setups like 3v3 or a free-for-all for up to 6 players. The game will also feature matchmaking, with geographic filters to allow players to pick which region they’re playing in.

At launch, Homeworld 3 will feature 8 maps in Skirmish. The game will also eventually get map-making tools, allowing players to create custom Skirmish maps that will be available through Mod.io. The Skirmish mode will also allow players to pick the Incarnates as a faction.

Homeworld 3 is slated for release on March 8, and will be coming to PC through Steam and Epic Games Store.

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