Hot Wheels Unleashed: Turbocharged Showcases New Game Modes in Latest Trailer

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged_02

Developer Milestone has released a new trailer for upcoming arcade-styled racing game Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged. The trailer focuses on showcasing the game’s single-player campaign, as well as its new game modes. Check out the trailer below.

The short 30-second trailer showcases some of the new game modes in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged, including the new Elimination mode where the slowest vehicle in a race is eliminated every few seconds, or Drift Master, where players have to focus on maintaining long drifting lines.

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged will also feature a new Waypoint mode that has players explore and uncover all of the secrets in the game’s five environments. The game mode will have players leaving the iconic Hot Wheels orange tracks behind in favour of more on-the-ground exploration as they race through checkpoints.

The single-player campaign in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged will be a story-focused affair that revolves around Robert, Darla and their robotic assistant XR046, as they try to save the city. The campaign will feature animated cutscenes, as well as boss battles.

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged is slated for release on October 19, and will be coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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