Jagged Alliance 3 Gets Free New DLC as Part of Latest Update

jagged alliance 3

Developer Haemimont Games has announced that a free content update for Jagged Alliance 3, codenamed Wolf, is now live on PC and consoles. The update brings with it a host of fixes, as well as new content revolving around the mid and late-game sections. Check out a trailer for update 1.4 “Wolf” below.

The headlining feature of the update is the new U-Bahn questline, which revolves around the player discovering secrets hidden beneath the game’s setting of Grand Chien since World War 2. The quest brings with it new challenges for mid-game, as well as new scenarios that players can take on in their late-game campaigns.

Along with the new questline, the update also brings with it a new underground transport system, seven new maps within a laboratory complex, a new revamped Conflict screen, the ability to select multiple items in the inventory, an overhaul to the Sector stash, tweaks to Operators, and general fixes and adjustment.

Jagged Alliance 3 has been out on PC since July, with a release on consoles coming in November. For more details on the game, check out our review.

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