Jurassic Park: Survival is Akin to Alien: Isolation – Rumor

Jurassic Park Survival

There were some surprising announcements at The Game Awards this year, including Jurassic Park: Survival. While there have been management titles like Jurassic Park Evolution and Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection with its retro offerings, this is a first-person action-adventure title based on the first film.

Based on the footage showcased, it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear rumors of it opting for an Alien: Isolation approach. Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb reported this on the XboxEra Podcast, noting it to be “the goal” but not going into too many other details. Whether this means a highly intelligent dinosaur will continually pursue the player is unknown.

However, the official website notes that players will “outsmart, escape, and interact with the film’s iconic dinosaurs” using “ingenuity through distraction and stealth.” Each dinosaur also has “their own distinct and adaptive behaviors”, but how this manifests during gameplay remains to be seen.

Jurassic Park: Survival is coming to Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC, but there’s currently no release window. Stay tuned for more details and updates in the future.

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