Kena: Bridge of Spirits Developer Working on Next Project

Kena Bridge of Spirits_Anniversary Update art

It’s almost two years since Ember Lab released Kena: Bridge of Spirits to a positive critical response, and sold well enough to break even in its first month. COO Josh Grier and chief creative Michael Grier confirmed to Games Industry that the studio was working on its next project, though didn’t share what it might be.

There’s the desire to “try to do something a little bit more ambitious as we grow” but the duo still wants to make something “that’s digestible.” As Josh Grier noted, “I guess you can call us ageing gamers, people who have less time to play things, so things that are more approachable from a scope perspective are always more appealing to us.

“We’ll try to do something a little bit more ambitious as we grow, but we’re still trying to be conscious of making something that’s digestible and something that we will want to play as gamers right now in our current pace of life with kids and stuff.” Interestingly, their next project may not even be a game.

“We’re filmmakers by trade, and essentially, we’d like to look at linear media. There are great examples out there in the world. Something like Kena exploring the universe in different mediums outside of the interactive ones. There are a lot of opportunities out there. We’d love to do that.” That doesn’t necessarily mean a movie based on Kena, but as noted, there are plenty of opportunities.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is available for PS4, PS5 and PC. The story follows Kena, a spirit guide who helps guide the spirits of the deceased to the afterlife with the help of the Rot. Upon venturing to an abandoned village, Kena must battle a mysterious spirit and decay affecting the neighboring forest to assist the spirits. Check out our review for more details.

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