Killer Instinct Will Improve Matchmaking and Add 4K Support with a Free Update Later This Year

killer instinct

November will mark 10 years since the launch of Killer Instinct on Xbox One, and though the fighter hasn’t had the most active post-launch support in the years since then, the substantial updates it has received have ensured that it manages to retain a strong a dedicated playerbase nonetheless. And to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, it will be receiving another update later this year.

James Goddard, head of Killer Instinct at Microsoft, recently took the stage at EVO and announced that the fighter will be receiving a major new update this year. The update will add support for 4K resolution on Xbox Series X/S, make improvements to matchmaking and tournaments, and add balance changes for the game’s roster. It’s also been confirmed that Iron Galaxy Studios – which developed Killer Instinct’s seasons 2 and 3 – is returning to work on the update.

Currently, a specific release date is unknown for the update, though more information will be coming “soon”, according to Microsoft, so stay tuned for that.

As for what the future holds for the Killer Instinct franchise as a whole, though there’s no official word on a sequel, there’s reason to be optimistic. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has expressed interest in keeping the franchise active, while over the last couple of years, leaks have also claimed that a new Killer Instinct game is in active development, possibly with Bandai Namco developing.

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