Lies of P – Demo Availability Ending on September 5th for Steam

lies of p

Remember the demo for NEOWIZ’s upcoming Souls-like action RPG Lies of P, which had one million downloads and would be available indefinitely? It won’t be playable after September 5th, 1 AM PST, at least on Steam. The developer confirmed this in a recent Steam Community post.

A reason wasn’t provided for the demo’s end of availability, though it could be that NEOWIZ and Round8 Studio feel it wouldn’t be the best representation of the game. It didn’t confirm console players losing access, but one can assume that will be the case.

Regardless, Lies of P launches on September 19th for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC, so it’s not long before players can play the full experience. Based on the tale of Pinocchio, it’s in Krat, where all the puppets have gone berserk. As P, you need to find Mr Geppetto and find out what’s going on. Different endings are available based on your decisions – head here for more details.

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