Lies of P Gameplay Showcases Seven-Branched Sword, Wrench and Boss Fight

lies of p

NEOWIZ’s Lies of P, a Souls-like action RPG set in a Belle Époque-style city, releases next month and continues to look enticing. New extensive gameplay is available, courtesy of IGN at Gamescom, with director Jiwon Choi and translator Jiyoon Shin discussing some of the new weapons.

There are two showcased – the first is the Shichishitō or Seven-Branched Sword, a heavy weapon. It’s a two-handed sword that causes you to roll and attack slower. However, it can pulse with electricity to deal more damage and has a special move that creates a wave of energy. The second weapon is, well, a giant wrench. Hey, if it works, it works.

The new boss, King of Puppets, is a massive foe with extensive reach. It can launch projectiles that land and detonate after a set period and a large area of effect blast. Even if you’re overwhelmed, it’s possible to summon NPCs to help out (no co-op, sadly).

Lies of P launches on September 19th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PC, Xbox One and PS4. Check out the latest trailer here.

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