Like a Dragon Creator’s Next Game Might Feature International Cast to Help With Global Appeal

Nagoshi Studio

Toshihiro Nagoshi, known for his work in helping create the Yakuza franchise, has revealed that his next game will feature western actors. Speaking to Video Games Chronicle, Nagoshi reveals that his new project is in development, and that it might feature a more international cast.

Nagoshi states that mechanics for his next game are still being fleshed out, and that casting for its characters will begin once the mechanics are more solidified.

“At this point, we’re mostly focusing on trying to improve the core gameplay, so we are still at the early stage of selecting actors,” Nagoshi said. “But it’s definitely the plan because I want to create something cinematic, and I want to use the fame and popularity of actors to make my game known by more people.”

When asked if his game would look to more international actors in a bid to raise the potential appeal for his next project on a global stage, Nagoshi replied, “Yeah.”

“If we’re going to use actors, there’s definitely a high possibility that we’d use someone outside of Japan,” he said.

For the sake of context, the Yakuza franchise, now renamed Like a Dragon, has traditionally featured several Japanese actors playing the roles of its various characters on both sides of the law. This year’s Like a Dragon: Ishin! saw many actors return from Yakuza 0 to don the roles of several characters.

Nagoshi has previously compared his next game with the works of Quentin Tarantino, stating that it will contain violence as a game element, and that there will also be room for humour. “Something that’s just intimidating or just gory and brutal isn’t to my liking—I want a human touch, some silliness, and some seriousness—that’s what I’m in the mood for right now,” he said.

Nagoshi is currently working with publisher NetEase in his recently-established new studio, Nagoshi Studio.

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