Marvel’s Blade Has “Just Begun Development”

marvel's blade

Dishonored 2 and Deathloop studio Arkane Lyon took the stage at The Game Awards last week with what turned out to be one of the biggest and most surprising announcements of the event in the shape of Marvel’s Blade, but it seems like it’ll be a while before we see more of the game.

In a blog post accompanying the game’s announcement on the official Bethesda website, the company has confirmed that Arkane Lyon has “just begun development” on Marvel’s Blade, which means it’s probably going to be a few years before the game releases.

A few other brief details on the game that were confirmed at The Game Awards have also been reiterated in the blog post, like it being Arkane’s first third-person game, and being fully single player. Marvel’s Blade will tell an original story, and will be set in “a quarantined section of Paris in the middle of a supernatural emergency.”

Meanwhile, though you’d expect Marvel’s Blade to be an Xbox console exclusive, given the fact that it’s coming from a first party Microsoft-owned studio, Bethesda has actually declined to comment on whether that will be the case.

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