Metal Slug Tactics Will Release in 2024

Metal Slug Tactics

Excitement surrounding Metal Gear Tactics was high when it was first announced in 2021, but the wait for the turn-based strategy RPG has dragged on longer than many had expected. Originally set to release in 2022, the game ended up being delayed to 2023, but with no updates having been shared on it or its release since then, a delay has been looking increasingly inevitable.

Now, to no one’s surprise, a delay has been officially confirmed by developer Lekir Studio in Metal Slug Tactics’ official Discord server (via @gatoray_kof on Twitter). As confirmed by the developer, the tactics game will now release sometime in 2024. A specific release date hasn’t been announced.

“2023 is now coming to a close and many of you have been waiting for an update on Metal Slug Tactics,” the developer wrote. “In our tireless efforts to make the game worthy of the Metal Slug franchise, and of your expectations, we have decided to release Metal Slug Tactics in 2024.”

Currently, PC and Nintendo Switch are the only platforms Metal Slug Tactics has been officially announced for. It remains to be seen whether PlayStation and Xbox One versions will also be announced prior to launch.

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