Microsoft’s First-Party Multiplatform Strategy Will be Officially Detailed Soon – Rumour

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Recent rumours have strongly suggested that Microsoft is set to start releasing a greater number of its first-party Xbox exclusives on rival platforms, and more fuel is now being added to the fire, with claims that official details on that will be coming soon.

Twitter user @IdleSloth84_ recently claimed in a now-deleted tweet that an anonymous employe of ZeniMax (Bethesda’s parent company) has said that Microsoft’s plans for multiplatform publishing of its first-party details will be coming directly from Xbox president Sarah Bond this Spring. Journalist Jez Corden of Windows Central further fanned those flames with a tweet, simply saying, “It’s happening”, while XboxEra co-founder John Clarke chimed in on ResetEra, stating, “Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.”

Other evidence also seems to be pointing to such an announcement from Xbox in the near future. Twitter user @Zuby_Tech shared an image of a leak that, several days prior to January’s Xbox Developer Direct, accurately leaked details about Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, including it being first-person, including whip combat, and using Harrison Ford’s for the titular protagonist with Troy Baker playing the role.

That same leak also claimed at the time that Xbox’s multiplatform plans will be announced in late February, or “right before the fiscal year ends” (i.e. March 31). As per that leak, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 and id Software’s next game (rumoured to be DOOM: Year Zero) will also be multiplatform.

This comes on the back off strong rumours in recent weeks that have claimed that first-party Xbox exclusives Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush are both headed to PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

In November last year, Xbox CFO Tim Stuart spoke about “a change of strategy” for Microsoft, stating that the company had plans for bringing its first-party titles even to competitor platforms like PlayStation and Nintendo.

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