Monster Hunter Wilds Will Push Hardware “to the Max” to “Depict a Living, Breathing World”

Capcom has revealed plenty of new details on Monster Hunter Wilds, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a worthy follow-up to 2018’s Monster Hunter World. From a more seamless hunting experience to more elaborate ecosystems (among other things), the upcoming action RPG is promising some significant improvements to the series’ formula, with particular emphasis seemingly being placed on ensuring that the ecosystems that players find themselves in are more immersive and authentic than ever before.

That, in fact, is very much a guiding principle that game director Yuya Tokuda says he has stuck to during Monster Hunter Wilds’ development. Speaking in a recent interview with PC Gamer, Tokuda says that similar to World (which he also directed), with Wilds, his primary goal is to push the hardware of the platforms Capcom is developing for “to the max”, so that the game can put players in a “living, breathing world” like never before.

“To be honest, it was always clear in my mind that was the direction I wanted to take it,” he said. “Any Monster Hunter game where I’m director is always going to be focusing on the ecosystem element. As the hardware generations we’re working on get more and more powerful, I want to use the specs of the hardware to the max in order to depict as convincing a living, breathing world as I possibly can.”

What’s interesting is that leaks have claimed Monster Hunter Wilds will also be releasing for the rumoured Nintendo Switch 2, even though such a version obviously hasn’t yet been officially announced. If that is indeed the case, that paints an interesting picture of what the console will be capable of, given the game’s technical ambitions.

Recent days have brought plenty more details on Monster Hunter Wilds, including its new Focus Mode and Power Clash mechanics, confirmation that cross-play will be supported, and more.

Monster Hunter Wilds is due out sometime in 2025 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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