Mortal Kombat 1 Has Improved Movement Speed and Dashes Based on Player Feedback

mortal kombat 1

Mortal Kombat 1 has been making an increasingly strong impression each time it has been shown off, from the new mechanics it’s introducing to the characters being revealed for its roster to the premise of its new, rebooted universe- but of course, there’s always room for improvement. For instance, those who’ve managed to get their hands on early builds of the game – like with June’s online stress test – have brought up the game’s slower movement speed and issues with the dashing. It seems, however, that NetherRealm Studios has already made improvements on that front.

Many who recently managed to get hands-on time with Mortal Kombat 1 at EVO – like popular esports player SonicFox – stated that the game’s movement has been improved, with dashes and back dashes being faster, and dash blocks – which series fans will remember from 2011’s Mortal Kombat – making a return.

Those changes have been confirmed by NetherRealm Studios boss and Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon as well, who wrote in a Twitter post, “We continue to encourage feedback from whomever gets a chance to play these early builds. Let’s make this game the best it can be together!”

Mortal Kombat 1 is set to launch on September 19 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Its closed beta will run from August 18 to 21.

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