No Man’s Sky is Celebrating the Holiday Season by Bringing Back its 2023 Expeditions

No Man's Sky - Fractal Update

Developer Hello Games has announced that, as a celebration of the Holiday season, it will be bringing back No Man’s Sky‘s limited-time Expeditions from earlier this year. This allows players that might have missed these Expeditions the first time around to get their rewards.

Things will be kicked off with the Utopia Expedition, which will be available until December 15. After that, players will be able to take on the Singularity Expedition until December 22. December 22 to December 29 will allow players to take on the Cartographers Expedition from back in 2021, before ending things with the Voyagers Expedition until January 8.

All of these Expeditions will reward players with unique items that can be used in their main game. For example, the Singularity Expedition will reward players a robotic character customisation set on completion, while Cartographers will give players a host of rewards, like the Exotic Wingpack and the Golden Vector starship.

Hello Games recently unveiled its next major title. Dubbed Light No Fire, the new game is slated to be just as massive and ambitious as No Man’s Sky. The studio announced the game with a trailer during The Game Awards 2023.

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