Overwatch 2 – LE SSERAFIM Music Video Showcases New Looks for Heroes

Overwatch 2 - LE SSERAFIM

After collaborating with Diablo 4 for Trials of Sanctuary mode, Overwatch 2 is tying up with K-pop band LE SSERAFIM for a new game mode, cosmetics and more on November 1st. While further details are still to come, the music video for the band’s song, “Perfect Night,” showcases what could be upcoming outfits for certain heroes. Check it out below.

While LE SSERAFIM performs, Tracer, Brigitte, D.Va and Kiriko are in a van en route to their concert. Kiriko uses Kitsune Rush to fly off an unfinished part of the flyover, while D.Va uses her mech to help carry them through the air. Meanwhile, Tracer goes back in time to retrieve their concert tickets. Also, Sombra is present, being Sombra.

It’s all tongue-in-cheek and erring on the wrong side of the law, but their outfits look pretty good. Whether these are the confirmed in-game skins remains to be seen. Also, LE SSERAFIM will perform at BlizzCon 2023 on November 4th, so stay tuned.

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