Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland Returns on December 19th, Includes New Event Pass

Overwatch 2 - Winter Wonderland 2023

Overwatch 2’s Christmas-themed seasonal event, Winter Wonderland, returns on December 19th. It features three Arcade modes – Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunt and Freeze-Flash Elimination – with new challenges to complete. The XP from these will go towards the Season 8 battle pass.

However, perhaps the most significant new feature is the Winter Fair Event Pass. Every nine games confers tickets, with wins providing double the amount to spend on cosmetics. The free track includes Legendary Skins for Cassidy, Baptiste and Illari, but you can only choose one. Tickets cap at 40 weekly and 120 in total.

The Premium track costs 500 Overwatch Coins and allows unlocking up to three more Legendary skins. Some offerings include Widowmaker’s Kerrigan skins (which was eventually free in Overwatch 1) and a new Reinhardt skin. You can earn 160 Tickets weekly and 480 overall, meaning you can’t claim everything in the event pass despite paying for it. It’s a bold strategy if nothing else.

Winter Wonderland ends on January 8th, though you can spend Tickets for a week afterwards. Unspent Tickets convert to Overwatch Credits after January 15th, so keep that in mind.

Overwatch 2 - Winter Fair Event Pass

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