Palworld PS5 Release is Seemingly Being Teased – Rumour


Palworld launched in early access for PC and Xbox earlier this year, and to everyone’s surprise, quickly became a massive, overnight hit, surpassing 25 million players within a month and raking in billions of yen in profit for developer Pocketpair. It wasn’t long after the game’s release that suggestions of an upcoming PS5 port first started emerging, and it seems like that might now be gathering steam behind the scenes.

Palworld’s global community manager at Pocketpair, Bucky on Twitter, seems to be indicating as much, at the very least. A recently published tweet by Bucky starts with the world Palworld surrounded by black and green hearts, likely corresponding to the colours most commonly associated with Xbox and Steam, the platforms that the game is already available on.

“I want to add more hearts,” the tweet adds, then follows up with the lineup of hearts surrounding the game’s name also including a blue one, which, again, is the colour most commonly associated with PlayStation. “Looks good I think,” the tweet says, then finishes with a good old googly eyes emoji. Clearly, it’s teasing something in not-so-cryptic fashion.

If a PS5 version is indeed on the horizon for Palworld, it should be interesting to see how long we’ll have to say before it gets officially announced. Interestingly, the game is set to receive a major free update on June 27, so maybe there’s a chance that Pocketpair decides to line that up with a PS5 version. Either way, stay tuned for more updates.

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