Path of Exile 2 Gets New Video Showcasing Warrior and Huntress Ability Synergies

Path of Exile 2_02

Developer Grinding Gear Games has shown off quite a bit of gameplay for its upcoming action RPG Path of Exile 2. Among the gameplay shown off includes a showcase of potential abilities and synergies between abilities for two classes: Warrior and Huntress.

Gameplay shown off for the Warrior class revolves around synergies with the Sunder Armor ability, and how it can tie in with other abilities to expand on its baseline capability of reducing enemy armor. For example, an enemy whose armor has been sundered can then be stunned if another ability is used on them.

Gameplay for the Huntress class revolves around showing off their spear-based abilities, which among other things, includes the ability to summon damaging lightning by throwing their spear, or using attacks to generate a cloud of area damage that can cause enemies to take on heavy bleeding damage.

The studio has been showing off quite a bit of gameplay for Path of Exile 2, indicating that the game is getting ever closer to its release. Currently, the studio is gearing up for its closed beta, which is slated to feature the entire game. The studio has also revealed that Path of Exile 2 will be a standalone release separate from its predecessor.

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