PlayStation Network Accounts Are Getting Permanent Suspensions for Unknown Reasons


PlayStation users have been reporting that their accounts are being permanently suspended. According to The Verge, the problem seems to have started up on Monday, with several players taking to social media platforms to talk about their accounts being suspended.

Players are reporting that their accounts are being suspended from PlayStation Network because of violations of the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement. Sony itself, however, has been pretty vague to players that reached out to its customer support services.

ResetEra user ShabbaddooJr posted the response they got from PlayStation’s customer support, which simply stated that fraud was detected in their account, and that they will have to create a new PlayStation Network account to continue using PlayStation’s online services. Michael Dhaliwal on X has also reported getting a similar response.

Sony itself has been quiet about the incident, and hasn’t made any statement about this wave of account suspensions.

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